Download Files Go APK by Google to Manage & Share Files

Do you face the shortage of storage in your device? Is it difficult for you to get an important file among the other lots of files available in your device? Do you want to store your data permanently without any chance of losing them? For all these issues, Google has come up with a solution that is Files Go APK by Google.

Files Go by Google

What is Files Go APK?

Recently, Google has released its file manager app named as “Files Go” for Android, iOS, and Windows operating system. The newly launched Files Go app is the best file manager for Android, which comes with inbuilt cleaner and file transfer capabilities. This is a storage manager app that helps a user to easily and efficiently manage their devices.

According to Google, an average person can save around 1 GB of space by using this app. It is an alternative to the file management app “Airdrop” offered by Apple. As Airdrop offers file sharing facility using a secure Hotspot connection, Google uses this feature with a secured input and output connections.

Files Go APK Latest Version

App Name Files Go
Latest Version V 1.0.182459543
Last Update January 25, 2018
Operating System Android, iOS, Windows
iOS Required iOS 7 and Later
License Free
Offered By Google LLC

Files Go APK by Google: Features

AsFiles Go is a storage manager app so it helps the users to do memory optimization in their device. It also cleans up the storage memory both internal as well as external. Here are some features which Files Go app offers to their users:

  1. Free more space in the device: With the help of this app, you can easily and quickly clear space in your device. It deletes old or duplicate photos, videos, documents or files. It clears cache memory, uninstall unused apps. To do this Google uses its Mobile vision technology.
  2. Search files: Files Go helps users to find the files from the various other files available in the device in a very less time.
  3. Share files offline: This app gives the feature to share a file, photos, videos or apps to the nearby device which also have this app through the Bluetooth. Thus, it saves internet data. It speeds up to 125 MBPS so it has the feature of fast sharing of files.
  4. Check the storage of your device: Files Go APK helps the user to see the storage space of the device. Through this, a user can easily transfer the files from internal storage to external storage. Thus, it enhances the speed of the device.
  5. Backup files: It gives users an option to keep a file safe for the unlimited time. Users can take the backup of the file in any cloud storage app. Like most Google apps, Files Go is also linked to some Google apps such as Google Drive which allows users to back up any file they want on cloud without leaving the app.

A file management App by Google

  1. Efficient and effective storage management: Files Go app requires very small space to store. Thus, it is a very light app in comparison to other file manager app and does not put any burden on the performance of the device.
  2. Encrypted file sharing: The file sharing in File Go app is secured with WPA2 encryption. This feature provides more secure file transfer facility.
  3. Provide useful recommendations: This app timely provides useful suggestions and recommendations that enhances the efficient storage and performance of the device.
  4. Bugs free: This app is 100% secure and safe for user’s device.
  5. Ads free: We have millions of file manager apps available on Google Play store and most of them come with ads which irritate users a lot but the Files Go app by Google comes with no ads. So, you can enjoy this app without any disturbance.

In addition to all these cool features, the Files Go app also includes reminders for low storage, unused apps for more than 30 days and large media files. Also, you will be able to view all your files in one spot and filter them by source.

Files Go APK Old Version

Files Go APK Version 1.0.177260766 (4754)

  • Interface redesign and bug fixes.
  • Browse and share any apps stored in your device
  • Free up more space by removing duplicate files.

Download Files Go by Google: Installation Guide

You can easily download Files Go APK for your Android device through the Google Play Store by following these steps. This app supports the Android 5.0 Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat and Oreo version.

Downlaod Files Go APK for Android

Download Files Go Apk for Android

  • Open Google play store in your Android device.
  • Type “Files Go” in the search bar and select the app to download.
  • Click on “install” and now it is installed in your device.

Now enjoy file management for your Android device. If you are Jio Phone user, then you need to open Firefox store. Then search for “Files go”, download and install the app in your Jio phone.

Download Files Go for iOS

This app can be easily downloaded from iTunes. This app supports the operating system iOS 7 and up. Google has not released this app for iOS. As soon as it releases, we will update here. Click Here, to check its complete step by step process.

Download Files Go for Window

To optimize the use of your laptop/PC/Mobile having window 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 as an operating system, you can download Files Go app for your device. Google has not released the app for PC till now but as soon as it will release, we will update here.

Files Go Apk: Similar Apps

Final Words about Files Go:

Files Go app by Google is a new and an advanced technology which provides users many features in the single app. It is a perfect app to search for a file from available all files in your system. The user-friendly interface of the app makes it easier for the user to manage, hence the whole device. By using it you will not bother about the shortage of storage because it would indicate you the junk and spam files, documents, apps, photos, and videos. By doing all these things it will improve the performance of your device.

So, download it in your device and leave the management of memory on Files Go by Google.

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