AnimeLab Review: Site to Watch Anime Online Free

Ever since the launch of anime based series it has become extremely popular. Although the origin of the anime occurred in the Far East it gained popularity in the West too. People used to watch the anime series on the TV networks that limited their time and place of watching them. Soon the media companies realized the demand of online anime streaming services and released AnimeLab.



Before AnimeLab it was Crunchyroll that gained immense popularity. It transformed the whole scenario of anime-watching. Due to limitations in the regions in which its content was streamed it was not able to attract many numbers of users. This is when the Australian-based media company came into the picture. After the launch of AnimeLab in 2014, there was no looking back. The initial collection on the site was only 50 series. After site started gaining momentum the collection reached up to 260 titles.

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AnimeLab Download: Plans

There are two types of membership available for the anime lovers. You can subscribe to the one you like.

  • AnimeLab Free Membership: When we talk about free services then people usually think of it as a bait to attract users. Users find it difficult to believe that without paying the amount they can access data on certain sites. If you are low on budget then you can definitely try the free service on AnimeLab. You can access a lot of titles on this site with 480P resolution. There are some limitations associated with this service. You will have to watch ads on the site. Another limitation is that the catalog has limited collection.
  • AnimeLab Premium Membership: This type of membership is for those who are not satisfied with the limited availability of content. Here, you will get unlimited access to the anime series with high-quality of videos. At a small payment of $7 per month, you will be able to watch videos without the commercial in between. The best part about the subscription is that you watch simulcasts. It means you watch a series just after an hour of its broadcast in Japan.

What can you watch on AnimeLab Website?

AnimeLab download


On AnimeLab you can watch over 260 different anime series. You may find this stock a bit limited but the content and features of this website are to die for. With limited availability, the quality is given far more importance. It has a wide range of genres to satisfy different users taste in anime series. These are action, fantasy, drama, cyberpunk, drama, bishonen, and more.

If you are looking for apps to watch anime free then it is also available on this site. There is an even AnimeLab app available for facilitating the users with the content in their comfort zone. It is one of the best anime download app so you won’t have to look for other options. Some of the popular title available on the platform is “Naruto Shippuden”, “One Punch Man”, “Death Note”, and “Blue Exorcist”.

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Final Word

AnimeLab is the best site you might have ever come across for the anime content. There are different genres available on the site. It is superior to its competitors in terms of the interface and content availability. If you are unable to access the content of this site in your region you can use the VPN service for the same.

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