Applock Apk Download v2.32.7 for Android, iPhone [Latest Version]

There is always some data in your mobile that we don’t want to share with anybody. Before sharing your phones with your friends you have to rethink. The reason behind all this is lack of lock on apps. AppLock Apk gives you control to video and photo access. You can hide data in your mobile. If you have Applock Apk old version then you can upgrade to Applock Pro Apk. Read the complete article to know more.

Applock Apk

What is Applock Apk?

Applock Apk is an app used to lock other applications. You Various social media applications like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat using the app. You can even hide incoming calls. Complete access is given to you. Selected videos and photos will vanish from your photo gallery. They will only be visible in video and photo vault. These days’ kids are very eager to use mobile phones. While using the phones sometimes they even send messages to the wrong person. Moreover, this can be stopped by using the app to hide specific applications.

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Applock for Android: Details

Name of the Application AppLock APK
New Version 2.32.7
Date of Publish 10-02-18
File Size 5.7MB
Purpose To lock apps
License Free

Applock App: Features

  1. Incoming calls lock.
  2. People won’t be able to know your password. The keyword used is random.
  3. Select a picture to customize the background.
  4. Google Play Store locking feature
  5. Lock different applications using pattern, fingerprint and password.
  6. You can lock settings on the phone. Kids won’t be able to mess with the apps.
  7. Requires very less memory space.
  8. Location Specific Lock: Lock and unlock your phone using location.
  9. Time Specific Lock feature: Lock and auto-lock according to time.
  10. Use one tap to lock and unlock Applock.
  11. You can set different locks for different app groups.
  12. The themes are very good.
  13. Hide the icon of the Applock feature.
  14. Incognito Browser mode-Doesn’t record the history.
  15. Surprisingly, Photos of the invaders will be taken using Intruder Selfie feature.

Applock Hide: Permissions

permissions required by the Applock Apk to function properly:

  • Device Administration Permission: Intruders may try to uninstall the Applock. Activate the app as “device administrator”. The advanced protection is enabled.
  • Accessibility Service: For Power Saving Mode to work the accessibility service is required.

 How to Download Applock for Android

Applock Pro Apk

  1. First, Open Google Play Store on your device.
  2. Next, Search for Applock Apk on the app.
  3. Download the App.
  4. Go to Settings option.
  5. Scroll down and click on Security.
  6. Enable the unknown sources option.
  7. Click on the Applock to start the installation.
  8. As a result, the app Is free to use.

Applock for iPhone, Windows Phone, & PC

The Applock Download Apk is not available for Windows Phone, Apple, and PC( Windows 7 & Windows 10) users. You can search for apps that provide similar functions. Thus, lock your application to keep your data private.

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