5 Best TV Shows on Netflix to Watch Right Now [Latest Update]

Netflix is a popular streaming video-on-demand service. Its initial business model involved DVD sales and rental by email. It was in 2007 that Netflix expanded its business towards the streaming media. By January 2016, the service was operational in over 190 countries. The list of TV shows on Netflix is huge so it is difficult to choose one. Here, you can check the best TV shows on Netflix that are very interesting to watch.

Best TV shows on Netflix

Best TV Shows on Netflix

Before talking about the shows let us discuss an interesting fact about Netflix. You can even watch the best Netflix original series on the site. By original, we mean that the content is produced by them. This includes both film and television series. The first original series on Netflix was Lilyhammer. Till now, Netflix has released more than 126 original series to provide the best entertainment to the subscribers. You cannot check Netflix TV shows full list to find the best one so we have done that for you.

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Black Mirror

There is a point of time in the lives of each one of us when we think of this world as an unpleasant place to live in. The main reason behind it is the society that diminishes our privacy and curbs our freedom. We all know about it but we have still accepted it. This series focuses on this angle of the society in the most unflattering way. Each episode streams a new story with a new cast.

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Netflix has some really good shows to watch and one of them is Narcos. The narration of the story is fast-paced in the documentary style. It has received criticism by some stating that it romanticizes violence but we need to understand that it is a work of fiction. It manages to bring out some very dark characters. Even though it is a complicated story but it is told with such clarity and urgency. This is one of the popular Netflix shows 2018.

Best Netflix Original Series

The Get Down

If you are looking for the best TV shows on Netflix for teens then you must watch this one. The story revolves around MC Exekiel Figuero and Mylene. Each episode has a musical zeal to it that ranges from disco to 90’s rap. It is set during that period of time when disco was dying out that led to the rise of hip-hop. All this is depicted through the lives of a group of people that involves music, art, and dance. It is one of those fun shows on Netflix that will keep you entertained throughout the series.

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Rectify is a simple yet interesting story to watch. It is about a man who is released from prison after 19 years.  His name is Daniel Holden and he was arrested for the murder of his girlfriend. The story revolves around the struggle he goes through after coming back to the hometown. It is a thought-provoking story that will make fall in love with its characters.

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Daredevil is one of the best TV series of all time. Produced by Drew Goddard the show is a treat to watch. Here, the Daredevil is Matt Murdock who is blind. He uses his heightened senses to fight crime on the streets of New York. During the daytime, he follows the judicial system while at night he takes the laws into his own hands. You can check Netflix TV shows the list to find more interesting shows.

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