Download CCleaner APK Latest Version (V1.25.104) for Android, iOS

Previously we have given a detailed description of Files Go Apk by Google. It is a file management app by Google that let you help to organised files, images, documents on your device is the most effective way. In the last article, we have given the detailed description about ES File Explorer, which is a similar app of Files Go. Today we have again brought a similar app of Files Go which is “CCleaner”. Just like Files Go, Download CCleaner APK, a file management app that has some other features also which makes it little different from the Files Go and ES File Explorer.

CCleaner APK

Download CCleaner APK

App Name CCleaner
Operating System Android, iOS
Minimum Requirement Android 4.0.3 and Up, iOS 7.1 and later
Latest Version V1.25.104
Last Update 30th January 2018
Download Size Approx 7.15 MB
Offered By Piriform

CCleaner App: Features

Optimize and clean the device:

  • CCleaner APK removes the junk files of your device and thus speed up the device.
  • It cleans cache memory, browser history, clip board content and many more.
  • The app delete call logs and SMS messages individually, in bulk, by age or by contact.

Reclaim storage space:

  • With this app you can quickly and easily uninstall the Apps which you do not require.
  • You can delete all the duplicate images, videos and documents and can save lot of storage of your device.

Easy to Use:

  • It has user friendly interface. So a user requires very less time to free up space in his device.
  • It is easy to navigate.

Monitor your system:

  • CCleaner Apk checks the usage of CPU.
  • It keeps track of RAM and internal storage space.
  • It also checks battery level and temperature of the device.

Download CCleaner for Android:

Here is the step by step process to download CCleaner for Android.

  • Open Google Play Store.
  • Search for “CCleaner.”
  • Click on “install” and wait till .APK file downloads.
  • Open the downloaded .APK file and click on install.
  • Now wait till the installation process finish.

Now you have CClander APK in your Android Device.

Download CCleaner for iOS iPhone iPad:

  • Open the Apple Store.
  • Search for “CCleaner
  • Click on the “install” and wait till the downloading of file completed.
  • Open the file and click on install.
  • Wait for the process to finish.

Now you have CCleaner App in your iOS device.

CCleaner APK

CCleaner Old Version:

  • Version 1.25.104
  • Version 1.24.102
  • Version 1.23.101
  • Version 1.22.97
  • Version 1.22.96
  • Version 1.22.95
    Version 1.20.90
  • Version 1.20.87
  • Version 1.20.82
  • Version 1.20.78
  • Version 1.19.76
  • Version 1.19.71
  • Version 1.18.68
  • Version 1.17.63
  • Version 1.16.61
  • Version 1.15.57
  • Version 1.14.55
  • Version 1.13.50

CCleaner APK: Final Words

So this is all about CCleaner APK. This is among the best device cleaner. Try it for your device and manage your device in the most effective way. You would be able to delete all your junk files in a very short span of time. You would be able to know about the apps which you are not using frequently. So download the app and leave all the management of your device on CCleaner.

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