Best 8 ExtraTorrent Proxy Site Working List (2018)

There are a lot of sources of entertainment, but torrents remain the most preferred one. Due to its illegality, these sites authorities have to take strict action against them. Sometimes it also leads to their shutdown. After the shutdown of some of the popular sites, Extratorrent came into action. But this site is offline too. As it was a popular site, multiple clone sites were developed. These ExtraTorrent Proxy site work in a similar way as the ExtraTorrent used to do.

ExtraTorrent Proxy

ExtraTorrent Proxy

ExtraTorrent was one of the most popular sites. Only the compulsive torenteers can understand how prized the site was. The site was an index of digital content. People who used to visit the site could download, search, and upload torrent files and magnet links. It was a big support for those who loved downloading games, HD quality movies, and software. But these types of sites allow piracy. Thus, stern actions are taken against them. You are here that means you are looking for an alternative to this site. We have listed some of the mirror sites that will work the same way.

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ExtraTorrent Site: How Did the Site Go Down?

There are several torrent sites that face copyright issues. This site faced the similar issues too. In 2015, the site lost three of its domain names. Still, the operators recovered them by switching from old to new domains. It was a temporary solution as it didn’t work for long. Due to the torrent site, the entertainment industry was facing major loss. So the RIAA and MPAA tried to stop these sites from working. Thus, in March 2017 the site was finally taken down. The only way to unblock ExtraTorrents is through proxy site.

What is ExtraTorrent Proxy Mirror Site?                                                                                    Mirror sites are copies of other websites. These are very useful when the original sites generate too much traffic.  A single server cannot support this much traffic. So to increase the speed with which the website can be accessed mirror sites are used. Many mirror sites are not working due to the ban on them. In such situations, proxy sites work.  Here, a different domain name and server provides access to the main site.

ExtraTorrent Proxy Site

Due to the heavy loss that original ET faced, it warned the torrent community. The warning states “Stay away from ExtraTorrent sites that are not real”. But that didn’t stop the people from creating one.  So a lot of mirror sites were created that offer amazing user experience.

EXTRATORRENTS PROXY SITE STATUS Working Blocked Working Down Working Working Down Working

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ExtraTorrents Proxy Mirror: Important Tips

Using ExtraTorrent proxy site is the only option when you cannot find content on another site. Why would you pay an amount for service that can be accessed for free? But there might be a certain form of risk in downloading torrent files.

  • Some of the torrent sites may contain malware. These may harm your device. Sometimes ads displayed on these sites may contain malicious content. Make sure you have an anti-virus installed on your system. A few sites warn the user before directing them to the home page. In such a case, its better you avoid such sites.
  • The authorities in your region may trace you using the IP address of your system. Install a VPN service to protect your identity and privacy. It works as a channel that shields your connection through a separate server.
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