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Nowadays every smartphone users face the problem of space in his smartphones. We require lots of apps, videos, images, documents to store in our device. The quality of these videos and images and the storage space of apps consume a lot of storage memory of the device. Now we got puzzled which things to keep and which to remove. So today we have come up with the solution of this problem. In this article, we are providing you the best file manager apk which will easily manage your device and you would be able to save lots of memory space of your device.

best File manager Apk

Best File Manager Apk for Android iOS:

1.      Files Go Apk:

File manager Apk

Files Go is the file manager apk which has been provided by the Google. The best thing about the Files Go apk is that it has a very user-friendly interface so it is very easy for the users to manage their device. Another good thing is that this app requires very small download size.

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File Go apk itself indicates the user to delete the low-resolution images, videos. It also helps the user to know that which app he has not used in last 90 days so that user can delete those apps and it will create more space in the device.

With the help of Files Go Apk you can also share the files, documents, images, videos without using the internet. Thus it also helps you to save your money and internet data.

If you want to read a detailed description of Files Go Apk then Click Here.

If you want to download Files Go Apk for Android, then Click Here.

To download Files Go for iPhone, Click Here.

2.      ES File Explorer Apk:

File manager Apk

ES File Explorer Apk is one of the best File Manager Apk. You can download ES File Explorer Apk for Android iOS device.

ES File Explorer manages your device in a very effective way. With the help of this File Manager Apk you would be easily able to search the files in a very short period of time. The best feature of this app is that it let you manage your device remotely. You can manage your Android iOS device with the help of your computer.

You can also share the documents, videos, images to another device without using the internet. You also do not need to worry about the security of your sharing file as this file manager apk creates 256-bit Encrypted files while transferring. So transferring files through this Apk is 100% safe and free.

If you want to read a detailed description about ES File Explorer Apk, you can Click Here.

3.      Ccleaner Apk:


File manager Apk

Ccleaner Apk is the file manager cum Phone cleaner App. This Apk automatically removes the junk files stored in your device and thus enhances the speed of your device. Moreover, Ccleaner Apk also cleans cache memory, browser history, clipboard content etc. Thus is saves lots of wastage memory along with the speed enhancement of the device.

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Ccleaner Apk also checks the usage of CPU. It keeps track of RAM and internal storage space. It also tells you the battery level and temperature of your device.

This Cceaner apk is available for Android iOS device, so you can easily download this file manager apk in your device.

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File Manager Apk: Final Words

So here is the best File Manager Apk for your Android iOS device. You can download the best one according to your preference. These apps will easily recognize the unused apps, low-resolution images, videos so that you can get rid of them which are wasting the storage capacity of you device. So download file manager apk in your device and leave the worry of memory management of the app.

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