9 Amazing Hidden Google tricks that will startle you!!

If you don’t know about anything or want to search anything, you search it on Google. You can search anything on Google for news, reports, sports-related queries and alerts, entertainment related news, and education related queries. In fact, you can complete your assignments by searching on the google. Here are some Google tricks that will go to surprise you and save your time as well as efforts.

Google tricks

Barrel Roll

The Barrel roll will be going to amaze you when you type “Do a Barrel Roll” in the Google search bar. After this, you need to press enter and you will find that your window will get spin to 360-degree. Type the “Do a barrel roll” in the search bar and press enter. Now see what happens to the window.

Zerg Rush

This is another Google trick that let you play the hidden game “zerg rush”. The zerg rush is a playable game which is created by Google. The small size “O” character will destroy the Google search result if you did not click with your mouse pointer.

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The trick of Tilt will give you an amazing result. To check it out, you need to type “Tilt” in the Google search bar and then press the enter key. Soon after few seconds, you will find that your complete screen gets turn slightly to the right side.


Type “Google Pacman” and press enter. After few seconds you will find the game appears in front of the window. You can play this game for hours. Apply this hidden trick and see the result.

1998 Google

Hidden google tricks

Type “Google in 1998” and see the outcome. The 1998 Google is another Google tricks that will show you the different version of Google. The version that comes in front of you has appeared in 1998. If you are fed up with the current version of Google then you can get the old version of Google that is Google in 1998.

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Compare fruits

Type the names of the fruits and veggies in the Google search bar then notice the page appear on the screen. For example, if you type “Apple vs Orange” then the page will show you the benefits and details of both the fruits.

Google Hacker

The Google hacker is the trick that shows you the outcome which signifies the hacker’s language. All you have to do is to type “Google Hacker” in the Google search bar and then press the enter key. Soon after pressing the enter key, you will find the hacking language appears.

Set Timer

Now you can set the timer by just typing the “Set Timer” in the Google search bar. It will also work as stopwatch all you have to click on the start icon and the stopwatch will start.

Google Underwater

Now you can give your screen a floating water look where you will find that the Google search boxes started swinging under the water. Click Here

So check out these above-mentioned Google tricks to find out the outcome appears in front of your screen.

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