How to fix mobile network not available?

Nowadays, everyone is using mobile phones whether it can be windows, android, or iPhones. Sometimes you find the error “Mobile Network Not Available” or “Phone Network Not Available”. If you also face this kind of problems then here you will find the solution to fix this kind of solution.

Mobile network not available

Mobile Network Not Available

This type of error is quite common. Mostly this type of issues arises in the Samsung devices.  This is one of the common problems which are caused due to OS malfunctioning. You might have often seen that sometimes your android phone has lost the mobile connectivity and is unable to fetch the signal. This kind of problems sometimes makes you frustrated. To solve this kind of issues, you need to follow this below-mentioned process.

How to fix the mobile network not available error?

If you face this kind of issues than firstly, you need to switch off your mobile phones first, remove your battery, and then reinsert your SIM card again. After doing this, the issue like mobile network not available does not solve then follow the below-listed methods:

Method 1: This is the simple method by which you can solve your networking issues problem in any of the android devices.

  • Click on Settings menu.
  • Open it and find the “wireless and network” category.
  • Click on the option “More”
  • Then choose “Mobile Networks” as the option.
  • In this section, find the network operators option and select the manual option.
  • After selecting this, you need to again restart your android phone.
  • After few seconds you will find that your phone started working well.

How to fix mobile network not available

Method 2: If you are facing fixing an improper radio signals broadcasting problem then

  • Initially, you need to change the battery first on your android device.
  • If your problem gets solved by changing the battery then this means that damaged battery is causing this kind of issues.

Method 3: If the above method did not work then you need to update your firmware by following the below-mentioned method

  • Go to the settings part.
  • Click on about device.
  • Go to the software update and check all the updates.

Method 4: If you are facing the problem “error while searching for network”. This kind of problem is caused if your SIM card does not get placed properly. To fix this kind of issues you need to follow the below-mentioned process.

  • If you are in mobile settings, then you need to hold the power button along with the home button.
  • You need to press both these buttons together until your device gets turns off.
  • Soon after your device gets switched off, you can remove your battery gently.
  • Insert your battery again.
  • Boot your device with SIM card
  • Then remove and insert the SIM card for about 3 times.
  • Restart the phone again and then you will not find this kind of problem again.

Hence by following these methods, you can solve “mobile network not available” issue easily. If again you are facing any of the networks related issue then it may be because of some other issue problems.

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