Free Download Nomao Camera App for iPhone, android, iOS

If you have a curiosity of seeing hidden objects or you are looking for some device to notice body behind clothes then we have something incredible for you that will make you amazed. It’s not a device or a gadget; it is an app that you can download on your iOS, iPhone, and Android device. You can check all the features and details about the Nomao Camera App for iPhone here.

Nomao Camera App for iPhone

Nomao Camera App for iPhone

You might be wondering “Why Nomao Camera App is getting so popular day by day?” Here we have the answer of this question. Various people downloaded this app to see the hidden object with their eyes. With this camera app, the user can see those hidden objects which he or she cannot see with his or her naked eyes. The user can even see the body of any person who is in front of the camera even if he or she wore clothes. Now you might want to know the hidden technology powered by this app. Check below.

Nomao Camera App for Android

Details Nomao Camera App Details
App Name Nomao Camera
Latest Version V4.0.2
License Free
Download Size 845KB
Operating System Android, iOS
Category Minimalistic Camera
Developed By Ritudy

Nomao Naked Camera

Nomao Camera App is known by many names including naked camera app and prank application. The app is getting popular day by day because of its wonderful features that you can check here.

Magic feature: The magic feature of this Nomao Camera App is used to capture photos and create videos without informing the person.

X-Ray Feature: The app is using a secret algorithm that interchange the code of the camera and operates the camera as per his or her wish. Because of this feature, you can see the body of the person without making them know.

Nomao Camera App for Android

Secret Camera feature: The camera is used to capture photos and create videos secretly. The user needs to enable the secret camera feature so that the other person will not know what is happening. With the use of control buttons, the user can take the photos and videos. To disable the feature, you need to click on the power icon.

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Download Nomao Camera Apk for Android

  • Firstly, you need to make changes in your Android phone settings.
  • Go to the Settings> Security> Unknown Sources. In Unknown Sources, you need to enable the option.
  • Go to its official website, where you need to find out the Download icon.
  • Select the required version of Android before clicking on the download button.
  • Click on the icon and your downloading process gets started.
  • After few minutes, you will find the Nomao Camera icon on the home page.
  • Enjoy all its features and start capturing videos and photos.

Download Nomao Camera App for iPhone

The Nomao Camera App is compatible and available for all the versions of iPhones. To download the app on iPhone, you need to follow the simple process.

  • Go to the website.
  • Look for the Download section.
  • Choose the iPhone and version that you need to download.
  • Click on the Download button so that the process of downloading gets started.
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