5 Best Sites to Read Manga Online [Free & Paid Sites]

If you are a 90s kid then you might know the importance of comic books. These books were an integral part of our childhood. They are light, short, and easy to read. Some of the most popular comics of that time were X-Men, Batman, Marvels, and Daredevil. However, with time the technology has gone through major changes. Now, people like to read most of the stuff online. So if you want to know about the best sites to read Manga online then check the complete article.

Read Manga Online

Read Manga Online

In case you are wondering about the term “Manga”, it is a form of comics in Japanese style.  For a long time, these comics were only available in the Japanese language. Thus, fans scanned these comics and translated them according to them. So it is difficult to differentiate between the original translations and the fan-made ones. So we have listed the free manga sites for you that will provide the original translations. Some of them may allow you to download manga pdf.

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Weekly Shonen Jump

When we talk about the best weekly manga magazine then Weekly Shonen Jump has to be in the list. It is one of the oldest and most popular magazines. Every week you will get to read 23 different manga series packaged into one magazine of 200 pages. This site has led to the origin of manga like Bleach and Naruto. You can discover classic titles to the modern ones on this site. You can read manga online here by paying an amount of $25.99 per year.

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The ComiXology site is owned by Amazon. You can read unlimited manga by paying an amount of $5.99 per month. At such a small price you get access to over 10,000 titles. This includes some of the most popular novels and comics. In case you want to access a chapter separately then you can even opt for it by paying $0.99 per chapter. The titles are grouped into various sub-categories like “Genre Spotlight”, “New Releases”, and “Chapters Same Day as Japan”.

Best Websites to read manga


One of the biggest manga publishers in Japan is Kadokawa. Due to the repeated scanlations, the Company thought of starting its own official service. No doubt this was the best decision taken by them. The site’s catalog boasts of over 300 published works that are available free of cost. It’s simple and easy to use feature makes it one of the best websites to read manga. You can access its content without signing up. However, if you sign up then you will be able to create a library of your favorites.

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Initially started as a Kadokawa venture the site now includes books from publishers like Yen and Kodansha. This is a paid manga service. If you are looking for the best manga app then you must go for this one. It is accessible on the web as well as application. You will be able to find it on App Store and Play store. You can pick a manga based on the author, genre, or category it belongs to. After that, you will have to pay $7 to $10 per book.

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Also, check: Yahoo View


Mangakakalot is a site with an impressive library. You just need to type the name of the manga and the manga chapters are available for you to read. The categories available on the site are “New Manga”, “Latest Manga”, and “Completed Manga”, and “Hot Manga”. If you want suggestions based on your browsing history then you must register on the site.

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