YouTube Tricks, Tips, and Hacks That You Must Try

YouTube is one of the biggest search engines. It even works as a social networking site as people upload videos, comments, and interact through this website. If you are reading this it means you only know basic features of YouTube. There are multiple YouTube tricks you are unaware of. Here, we have listed some of them so that you get the most out of this website.

Youtube tricks

YouTube Tricks

When we think of watching a video the first name that strikes our mind is “YouTube”. Whether you have to watch a movie, show, or learn something everything is available on this site. These YouTube tips for beginners and experienced will enhance your browsing experience.

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Play the video at a certain time

YouTube tips

This is one of those new YouTube tricks that you are going to love. If you have sent a YouTube video to someone then you might know that you can only send them using a general link. Do you know that you can set a time-mark so that the video starts playing from the set time? For this, open the video and tap on the share button. A pop-up window will open. Check the box for “Start at” and set the time.

YouTube tips and tricks to add an end screen

YouTube new tricks

Earlier YouTube allowed users to use annotations that add clickable links to the video. They were like buttons that direct viewer to do a certain task like subscribe to a certain channel. Now, it is replaced by end screens. Go to the video manager page and click on the edit option. Select the “End screen and annotations” option. This will take you to the end screen where you choose background and template for the end screen.

Youtube hacks and tricks to play YouTube video in the background

You might have noticed that when you try to play a video on the mobile phone. It doesn’t play in the background and stops the time to switch to another screen on your phone. There is a solution to this problem.

For iOS

  • Open Safari browser and play the video on YouTube.
  • Now, press the home button and swipe up to open the action center.
  • Swipe to the left to view the details of the video.
  • You will have to tap on the play button to start the video.

For Android

  • Open a browser on your Android device and play the video on YouTube.
  • Tap on the “Ellipses” option that appears as three dots.
  • From the set of options that appear select the “Request desktop site” option.
  • Now, you can play the video and tap on home screen button. The video will continue playing in the background.

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YouTube tips to convert a video into GIF

Youtube tricks and hacks

People love using GIFs but they are still unaware that they can make it using YouTube. You won’t need YouTube secret code for this.  Just open the video and edit the URL. Add “gif” just before the domain name i.e. YouTube and press enter. This will redirect you to a page where you can create GIF using the video and make changes to its frame, duration, and more.

YouTube URL Tricks to download video

This is one of the YouTube hacks download that will make the process much easier for you. First, you need to play the video. Now, edit the URL by adding “ss” between “www.” and “YouTube”. Press the enter button and you will be directed to the download page. You can even choose the video format for downloading.

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